This University Student Comforted A Stranger With Special Needs And The Picture Has Gone Viral

By Kelli Catana

Well this story will definitely brighten up your day!  Godfrey Cuotto is a 21-year-old student from McMaster University who has recently found himself a bit of an internet celebrity. A photo of Godfrey doing something so simple, yet so kind, has recently gone viral after someone snapped a picture of him on the city bus holding hands with a man who has special needs and posted the picture to the Only In Hamilton facebook page. The photo was posted with the caption ‘I didn’t know if u can post this but I would liking to say thank you to the guy who was seating beside a special needs gentleman… He allowed him to hold his hand and find comfort well in a packed bus.. It make my day when I see stuff like that.’


Because the internet loves it when we see people being kind to each other, the photo quickly went viral. Cuotto explained to Kiss 92.5 that he was simply on his way home from grabbing something to eat when he boarded the busy bus. He told the radio station that the special needs passenger named Robert instantly grabbed Godfrey’s hand when he got on the bus and wouldn’t let go.  The University student was surprised at first, thinking he was being pranked, but then quickly came to realize that Robert was overwhelmed by the busy bus and simply needed someone to comfort him. Cuotto stayed with Robert on the bus until the last stop. He told the Huffington Post Canada “He kept holding my hand. I thought I was getting pranked at first, but he just needed comfort.”

Cuotto told HuffPo that in addition to holding his hand, Robert would lean on him, hug him and even kiss his hand during the 30 minute bus ride, explaining “I just allowed it, like what am I going to do?” Cuotto says. “Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else’s needs above yours.”

Wow! I can guarantee you there aren’t a lot of people who would sit there selflessly like Godfrey did to selflessly put the needs of another above their own, especially on a packed public bus!

A member of Robert’s family has reached out to Cuotto to thank him for helping Robert, explaining that Robert has cerebral palsy and is also deaf.

Asked why he was so kind to a stranger, Godfrey gave the credit to his mom, saying ‘My mother’s the best. I was raised by a queen.’ Wow, that is definitely your feel good story of the day!

Source: Hot Mums Club

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