Look Closely At The Beam Of Light. It Went Viral For One INCREDIBLE Reason…


This story you’re about to read has many skeptics but also many believers. I, for one, am a believer because I strongly believe that miracles do happen.

Now, the image above may look like just a regular one but their is a great tale of heroism embedded within it.

The story starts with a man by the name of Justin Rollins who fought in the 82nd Airborn Division Paratroopers in Samarra, Iraq.

The night before Justin was killed at the age of 22, he posed for a few photos with his fellow soldiers and a group of stray puppies they’d adopted at their base.

It was a very sad day for the Rollins family but Justin’s mom, after seeing the picture with Justin cradling a puppy, was determined to find her son’s last companion — that four-legged pup named Hero.

Justin’s family was successful in bringing Hero back to the states. They believed that she was a piece of Justin’s heart.

Their belief was strengthened when the local news crew was at the Rollins home in New Hampshire filming an interview. While filming something truly incredible happened.

It was an overcast day, when suddenly, a beam of light shined directly onto Hero as she stopped for a moment to stand on the deck. Some believe it was Justin’s spirit shining down on her and watching over his family, while others believe it was the hand of God. Other skeptics, however, believe it’s simply sunlight hitting the optics of the camera.

What do you think? Are you going to side with the skeptics or the believers?

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