24 Images Describing Life So Accurately It Hurts

This sign:

This attempt at hydration:

This guy just trying to do his job:

This doll head:

This landing spot:

Life sometimes resembles these “smiling” cookies:

And oftentimes feels a lot like this guy riding through a wedding photo:

This cat stuck in a door describes life pretty accurately:

As does this sign outside a coffee shop:

This faux-cation picture:

This plan:

This Etch-A-Sketch:

This poster:

This lonely see-saw ride:

This bench tribute:

Also this dog trying to reach his tennis ball:

This attempt at building a tent:

This chair inside a couch:

This vending machine:

This mannequin:

This photo:

This sandwich disaster:

Life can oftentimes feel like this kiss:

And finally, life is a lot like this chained-down rock.

 Source: Distractify

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