A 23-Year-Old Mother Is Already “Dead” But Then They Lay The Baby On Her Breast. IMPOSSIBLE.

Having a child is a beautiful thing. Though painful, the joy and excitement that surrounds a new mother and her baby is second to none. No one imagines the worst thing that could happen but when you think about what child birth actually entails, the whole thing is pretty dangerous. A healthy pregnancy can take a turn when time comes to push baby into the world, and often, these complications end in tragedy. This story proves that no matter how likely a tragedy is to occur, it’s never too late to try one more thing to save a life.

The Cawley’s Baby Joy

This is Shelly and Jeremy Cawley, happily awaiting their first child, Rylan. The young family is like any other, shopping for baby clothes, preparing for Mrs. Stork’s arrival and doing all of the family stuff that comes with the anticipation of a new member of the family. Everything was going just fine.


Rylan Was Born Into A Frantic Room

Usually, the moment a baby is born is the culmination of months of dreaming/waiting/hoping and hours of agonizing labor (and that’s just what it’s like to watch). Everyone celebrates the new born bundle and then everyone goes home. Not the case for the Cawleys. As soon as Rylan was born, Shelly developed a dangerous blood clot.


The Nightmare No One Can Fathom

Shelly had developed a blood clot that was clogging major arteries. Though Rylan was born healthy, Shelly was in the fight of her life. She actually lost that fight. Doctors had pronounced her officially “dead.” Nothing could be done, or could it? As a last ditch effort to bring Shelly back, doctors did something more intuitive than scientific. They placed Rylan on Shelly’s breast where they made skin to skin contact for the first time.


“The doctors had done everything they could. At this time, they were absolutely sure that they would lose Shelly. You are so unbelievably excited that your child is born… and in the next moment you believe you’ll have to say farewell to your wife forever. It was like being numbed.”


This Is The Definition Of A Miracle

When they placed Rylan on Shelly’s breast, something truly amazing happened. Shelly began to show signs of life. Perhaps it was divine intervention or perhaps this is the true power of “maternal instincts.” To everyone’s shock and delight, Shelly survived!


Rylan Turned One And Finally Got ALL The Attention

One year later, the family is all smiles with nothing but good health, happiness and a new-found appreciation of the little things. Love is a powerful thing—perhaps the most powerful force on earth.


Main image and collage images via Facebook / Shelly Ann Cawley

Source: Diply

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