13 Men’s Fashion Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

In need of fall fashion inspiration? Follow these 13 tastemakers and bloggers on Instagram for the latest trends and stylish tips in menswear.

1. EJ Samson

The director of content strategy at Hearst Digital Media hasn’t tried a suit or a trend that didn’t look short of perfect—especially when snapped for ideal New York City moments, like grabbing coffee at a neighborhood spot.

2. Nickelson Wooster

He may not be a fortified fashion blogger with constant snaps of his #OOTD, but he’s pretty much a street style legend who appeals to fashion devotees due largely in part to his sartorially-savvy and overall attitude. We suppose it helps that his resume comprises a long list of all the brands and designers worth knowing in the industry.

3. Adam Gallagher

No menswear fashion list would be complete without the statuesque man behind I Am Galla. From exotic destinations to every imaginable suit you could think of, Adam Gallagher has probably been there and donned that. Be sure to see what the fuss is all about on his gorgeous feed—you won’t be disappointed.

4. Bryan Grey-Yambao

Bryanboy is without a doubt one of the most famous faces in the fashion blogosphere. Coupling witty commentary with editorially-sound Instagram photos, Bryan is definitely one to keep an eye on and to live vicariously through, especially now as he travels around the globe for all the fashion shows.

5. Johannes Huebl

German-born model Johannes Huebl shares a steady feed of outfit shots, dazzling views of the Manhattan skyline, and adorable snaps of him and his equally stylish wife, Olivia Palermo.

6. Justin Livingston

This fashion, food, and travel blogger offers a feed that is just as addicting as any fashionista’s Instagram account. Here, you’ll find perfectly curated outfits, drool-worthy cocktails, and familiar backdrops around the city.

7. Brian Sacawa

Brian Sacawa is the driving force behind He Spoke Style, which offers up classic and sophisticated fashion with a modern twist. Expect to find him at the hottest spots around town, and always in the perfect look that you’ll want to emulate.

8. Marcel Floruss

This German transplant lives and breathes New York, as evidenced on his blog, One Dapper Street. From running coffee errands in perfectly rolled-up jeans to hailing a cab in a sophisticated getup, Marcel Floruss has all your fashion looks down to a tee.

9. Moti Ankari

As the associate market editor at Bloomberg Pursuits, Moti Ankari definitely has a firm grasp on all things fashion and style. His blog, The Metro Man, and his Instagram account, are sure to inspire your everyday wardrobe, one charming outfit at a time.

10. Anthony Urbano

We don’t know if it’s the way he rocks his leather jacket or the bold way he carries off a chambray jumpsuit, but the creative mind behind Oh Anthonio gives menswear looks a daring twist that beg to be acknowledged and appreciated.

11. Jamal Jackson

The blogger behind Style Society Guy has the ideal Instagram account to get all your fashion questions answered. From an extensive and illustrative fall fashion guide to beautifully captured moments of what inspires him, Jamal Jackson gives menswear an edgy, downtown vibe.

12. Karl-Edwin Guerre

This street style photographer and blogger takes you through iconic scenes around the city, all while capturing some of the best-dressed inhabitants on the street—and sometimes himself. Here, you’ll find dapper looks that can actually be worn every day.

13. Menswear Dog

Anyone who ever tells you that you can’t get sartorial advice from a canine is truly mistaken. Case in point: Menswear Dog, a stylish pup that can rock the latest trends and look positively model-esque doing it.

Source: Gotham Magazine

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