Brave Couples Who Chose Matching Wedding Tattoos Instead Of Rings

Rings symbolize commitment, but these newlyweds decided to get tattoos instead. After all, while you can take off your ring, you can’t just take off a tattoo!

Do you and your spouse have wedding tattoos?

matching-wedding-tattoos-3__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-6__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-12__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-16__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-5__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-10__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-11__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-17__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-37__605 matching-wedding-tattoos-39__605 matching-wedding-tattoos7__605

Source: Bored Panda

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