These Sisters Have All-Out Girl Fight While White Water Rafting (VIDEO)

There’s nothing more entertaining than good old family drama. It’s the premise most of those reality shows we’re so addicted to are founded on. As much as we love reality TV, there’s nothing like a front row seat to the action. This white water rafter hit the jackpot when he happened upon one of the most interesting family feuds in the open water. Queue the hair pulling — we’ve got ourselves a girl fight.

It’s unclear what caused these two sisters to get so mad at each other that they had to throw punches mid raft ride, but you can hear one of them screaming “Why did you do this to me?” Don’t worry though. While it may look dangerous, it’s important to remember the pair also happen to be super professional white water rafting instructors. It’s all good. They know what they’re doing. We hope. Maybe?

Source: Pixable

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