Paddleboarder’s Peaceful Encounter with Two Whales Captured by Drone (WATCH)


This whale watcher actually appears to be the one being watched—by a pair of lounging mammals.

When two friends in Esperance, Australia heard that southern right whales had been spotted off the coast, they set out to pay them a visit.

aimen Hudson grabbed his drone and camera equipment while Dave Price paddled out for a closer look. The drone captured stunning video of the whales approaching Price, checking him out, and following him through crystal-clear waters.

“There was one time when the whales lifted their heads up and looked up over Pricey’s board, they were so inquisitive and wanted to know what he was,” Jaimen told ABC News. “The whole time they were very slow-moving and peaceful.”

The huge southern right whale can weigh up to 80 tons, and has often been curious towards human vessels and friendly toward other cetaceans, especially humpback whales and dolphins. There are approximately 10,000 in the species spread throughout the colder, southern part of the Southern Hemisphere.

(WATCH the video) Photo by Jaimen Hudson, YouTube

Source: Goodnewsnetwork

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