Bizarre Creature That Looks “Half-Crocodile-Half-Buffalo” Born In Thai Village


It’s like something out of a Greek myth, or maybe just the result of a crazy night of passion. Residents of a remote village in Sisaket Province, Thailand, have been left in awe after a calf was born which appeared to be “half crocodile half buffalo.”

Although the animal was born to a healthy buffalo and has the hooves, body and limbs of a mammal, it also has strange reptile-like scales and an elongated snout. Thai newspaper Rath reported that the animal died naturally soon after its birth.

Footage of the animal was posted on YouTube by the Thai news organization Matichon. Incense and candles were lit around the calf as locals believed it would bring them good luck.

From ancient Greek mythological creatures like centaurs to modern urban legends like Jake the Alligator Man of Florida, the human imagination is particularly rich when it comes to bizarre animal hybrids. However, realistically, this animal is likely to be a straightforward buffalo with a nasty skin disorder.

Source: IFLS

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