Did Liam Payne “shove” Louis Tomlinson on stage last night?

A rep for One Direction has said that the video of Liam Payne giving Louis Tomlinson a shove on stage was just a little bit of “bantering” between two bandmates.

The video – which is slowly but surely going viral online – shows Liam, 22, and Louis, 23, having what looks to be a heated row on stage. It’s during their performance of What Makes You Beautiful.


Scroll down to watch the video…

The footage was taken by concert-goer 21-year-old Maisie Adam, who claimed that Louis spent much of the concert leaving and rejoining the group on stage.

She said: “All the time Louis kept disappearing off-stage between songs. The other three looked a bit confused about that throughout the set.

“Then Louis forgot the words to one of the songs. It was one where his verse was near the beginning and Harry had to take over.

She went on: “Liam and Niall were looking over at him. They were looking a bit miffed. Then just towards the end it was obvious that the band had a routine and were supposed to be in certain places at a certain time.

“They were all there except Louis. He was at the back and on the other side of the stage.

“Liam came forward to sing something and Louis was blocking his way – I would say pretty deliberately.

“He had had enough by this point. He pushed him quite hard and you can see him saying ‘stop it’. He pushed him quite aggressively.”

The group – who lost member Zayn Malik earlier this year when he sensationally quit after five years in the band – will end the global tour in Sheffield at the end of October.

Source: Glamour UK and Daily Mail

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