Undress ME……

Undress Me, a film by Tatia Pilieva for Showtime’s “Masters of Sex”

Earlier this year, director Tatia Pilieva set the Internet ablaze with her “First Kiss” video, which featured ten pairs of strangers kissing for the first time. Perfectly capturing the sweetness and awkwardness of the situation, the video quickly went viral with 42 million views (now more than 80 million by comparison). However, just as the video’s popularity soared, so did people’s anger when they discovered that Wren’s creative director commissioned the video to showcase the clothing line’s fall collection. Although the initial introduction says “Wren presents…” people felt as though they been cheated.

Banking on her success with “First Kiss,” Pilieva is back with another viral hit. This time, the director has collaborated with television network, Showtime, to create an advert for “Masters of Sex.” It begins:

In 1957, William Masters and Virgina Johnson began asking men and women to undress for science. In 2014, we celebrate their groundbreaking research with 20 strangers undressing each other for fun.

Several pairs of strangers continue, then, to undress each other. While several strangers were nervous, others were completely relaxed and in control of the moment. Many laughed and kissed.

Clearly, Pilieva knows how to strike a heartwarming balance to attract viewers. But, is this why viewers feel angry towards her first video for Wren? Do people feel angry because they think companies are making money off closely guarded emotions like intimacy? Is the situation any different now that the video states its ties to “Masters of Sex”? Is there a fine line between emotions and marketing, and if so, what defines it?

Source: Youtube

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