Intensive Care Nurse Reunited With EVERY Baby She’s Saved. This Is Really Powerful.


Mr. Stork has less to do with delivering babies than you may have been led to believe. The men and women who deliver babies and care for infants have a special job that is tethered to their heartstrings with little room for slack. These helpless bundles of joy sometimes need longer stays in the hospital and all sorts of equipment attached to their little bodies with less physical contact than babies naturally need. A loving touch can make all the difference, and nurses are the only ones who can provide that necessity of life.

This is one of those amazing moments when a nurse is shown exactly how much she made a difference in the lives of babies she didn’t think would live through the night. She cared for them like they were her own, even when their parents were not allowed close. Warm and fuzzy all over!

Source: Diply

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