Rapper makes Epic video with no money!! This is PRICELESS


Lil Dicky ‘$ave That Money’ Music Video On A Budget

Saving money, may be an unusual topic for a rap song, but it’s not so unusual for a white middle-class Jewish business major like Lil Dicky (David Burd is his real name), who just released an epic music video for his latest song, “$ave That Money.”

Keeping true to the theme of the song, the comedian/rapper filmed the video entirely for free by asking people if he could “borrow” things like their yacht, their McLaren, or even their multi-million dollar property to use for 15 minutes or so in the video. At one point, he even asks to crash a T-Pain video shoot to grab a couple minutes of footage of an outdoor party for his video. Now that’s thrifty.

The end result is a video with all the usual conventions of the rapper lifestyle — boats, mansions, luxury cars…

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