This Model and Serious Athlete Has No Legs and No Limits

Meet the underwear model who does extreme sports, hikes, skis, and races, despite having been born without both her legs.

Kanya Sesser, 23, is taking the Internet by storm with her jaw-dropping skateboarding and surfing skills and herconfident message about viewing her condition as anything but a disability. (Her motto: no legs no limits!)

Sesser was born legless in Pak Chong, Thailand and abandoned by her birth parents outside of a Buddhist temple, she explained in a recent video interview that went viral. She was raised by monks for a year, and then lived in a hospital in Bangkok. At the age of 7, she was spotted in an adoption magazine by David and Jane Sesser, from Portland, Oregon, who brought her home to the U.S.

Sesser, who now spends her time in sunny California, caught the athlete itch at a young age, first taking on skateboarding and surfing and going on to play competitive wheelchair basketball, not to mention almost representing Team USA on the track at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. She now hopes to compete in the mono-ski event at the 2018 Winter Paralympics in South Korea.

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The go-getter also lists modeling on her resume and has been recognized by the likes of popular surf brand Billabong. She’s even dabbling in acting for CBS’s new medical drama Code Black, per Sesser’s latest (very graphic!) Instagram posts. Lots of stares and attention have never bothered her.

“I was never bullied, but people do talk—whatever,” Sesser said. “I would be like, ‘Hey, you know what? I don’t have legs. But I can do this, and I do that, and I will show you how much of a badass I am.”

“I’m just happy that I’ve been blessed with all these opportunities I’ve had and that I’ve achieved,” she continued. “I just view life differently than most people. I just have fun. You only live once—live fully, how you want to, and don’t care about what other people think.”

Below some of Sesser’s awe-inspiring shots of her in action.




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