He wants to raise £1,000,000 for charity in a year , lets help him on his way!!

Benjamin Philipson just posted this on his facebook page:

On October 1st, I start a year-long goal to raise £1,000,000 for charity (don’t worry there is a significant plan in place so watch this space).
It all starts sleeping rough for one night only on the streets of London this Friday October 2nd.
Please, if you have even a few coins, feel free to unload them here: 

Social media has the power to turn a faint whisper into a roar that echoes across the globe. Please share this story and if you can afford please donate to his cause.


He is raising money for Action for Children

Action for Children works in local communities to protect and support the young and vulnerable, as they grow up. We make their lives better: now, tomorrow and every day. We make growing up safer, with 650 services helping more children and their families across the UK than any other charity.

We are with you, Benjamin.


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