‘F*cking Tourist’ Series Will Make You Think Twice About How You Travel

It probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise that tourists are amongst the most reviled subgroups of human beings. Butchering languages, crowding up local spots, snapping photos without permission and dropping a few offensive comments along the way, few tourists manage to explore a new locale without vexing many a local in the process.

Photographer Nicolas Demeersman makes the universal aversion to tourism very, very clear in his photography series “Fucking Tourist.” Demeersman captures portraits of citizens of Peru, Jordan, Cuba, Lebanon and beyond, dressed in local garb that many tourists might deem worthy of a snapshot. The one thing all Demeersman’s subjects have in common? A proudly wielded middle finger, saying to tourists what so many wish they could — a big fat “f*ck you.”









Source: Huffington Post

You can find the project here.

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