A Little Boy Rushes The Pope On Stage, But His Response Is Perfect

The Pope has officially landed in the United States for the very first time in his 2.5-year papacy, and his 6-day visit has people from all backgrounds talking.

It’s no secret that the Roman Catholic Church needed a little bit of updating before the Vatican outsider was elected in 2013, and Pope Francis has more than delivered. In case you haven’t heard, people who aren’t even members of the Catholic Church love Pope Francis; this is largely because instead of focusing on controversial issues like abortion and gay marriage, he promotes environmentalism, criticizes capitalism, and thrives on human contact.

As you can see in this touching story of Pope Francis and a sick child, he doesn’t hesitate to use his power to spread kindness across the world. Here at LittleThings, we know that in a world filled with disease, destruction, war, and hatred, it’s so necessary to embrace the good. That’s exactly why people from all backgrounds love Pope Francis so much. He truly transcends the Catholic Church and simply promotes love and morality.

Here in New York, it’s been very exciting to see people’s reactions to the Pope’s arrival. He’s a true icon of hope and prosperity for not just for Catholics, but our entire world. Nowhere is his true spirit more evident than in the following video. I think you’ll agree that this is exactly what makes him an inspiration for us all.

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Source: Littlethings

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