17-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Walks over 300 Miles Carrying His Beloved Puppy

One of the latest Syrian refugees to arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos brought along a friend he couldn’t bear to leave behind. After leaving the war-torn country of Syria, 17-year-old Aslan walked over 300 miles with a rucksack and a small red crate. Inside the crate was his beloved dog Rose, who traveled the entire journey with her owner. “I love this dog, I need her,” the young man told the U.N. Refugee Agency. He even has a passport for his companion, which he proudly shows to anyone who asks.

“They said ‘you can’t take your dog’,” Aslan explained. “I have food and I have water, I have everything.” When asked by aid workers why Rose was not left behind in his homeland, he simply stated, “I love my dog.” It turns out that the 17-year-old isn’t the only one. Many other refugees refuse to leave their furry friends, so you will find them carrying their pets as they attempt a risky journey to safety.








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