The amazing Renée Vivien.


I haven’t seen anyone post this gorgeous lady yet, so I thought I’d do it.
Pauline Tarn was a British poet born in 1877 who lived in France until her father died when she was nine years old. After that, her family moved to England. She disliked living in England as she considered herself to be French and thought that English people were too emotionally cold, whereas she was very sensitive and a romantic. No surprise then, that when she inherited her father’s fortune aged 21, she moved back to France. She became a poet, writing exclusively in French. To symbolise her new life and rebirth, she used the pen name ’Renée Vivien’
She was an open lesbian, and had a rather tempestuous relationship with the American writer Natalie Clifford Barney. Vivien desired monogamy, whereas Barney was more ‘liberated’ and continued having affairs with other women. Vivien found the…

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