Guy Accidentally Facetimes His Girlfriend, But When She Notices Someone In His Bed? Whoa.

We’ve all been there — your significant other ghosts you while they’re out for a night on the town with their friends, and after seeing some strange pictures on Facebook and Snapchat, suspicions start to run high.

In order to prank his girlfriend, Jenna, Jesse of Prank vs Prank decided to do exactly that! He went out for the night with his boys, and posted suspicious pictures of himself with girls at the bar. The next morning, he set up his laptop so he could “accidentally” Facetime Jenna. But the twist? There was someone else in his bed! The moment Jenna realizes someone else is in the bed, she loses it. However, once Jesse revealed who’s actually in the bed — I couldn’t stop laughing!

Source: DIPLY

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