Now this is a woman we should all look up to and all know about!!

A real Icon!


The world’s first computer programmer lived in the 1800s. Yes, it is true. Ms. Lovelace worked on mathematician Charles Babbage’s early general-purpose computer and was able to have the first algorithm be processed by a machine. The field of #computerprogramming was born. It might not have been the hottest field in the 1840s, but today it develops the software and applications that we use to run our cyber lives. Programming is how humans and machines communicate, and that abstract idea was born well over 100 years ago, thanks to Ms. Lovelace. If you thought your computer programming 101 class was tough to pass, just remember Ada Lovelace. #wwshero #wwstalent #wwswomen #wwstech #technews #history #wwshistory

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