People Are Tweeting #NetflixListen To Get This Series About A Muslim Hero Made

Salahadin’s star, Ahmad Hussam, told BuzzFeed he originally created the project because he was tired of being typecast as a terrorist in every role he auditioned for

Courtesy of Ahmad Hussam

We want Netflix to hear this idea so they can produce the show with us. We want to make this a Netflix original,” he said.

Salahadin has raised over $80,000 on KickStarter, but Hussam tells us his goal is to get an in-person interview with Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarando

“We could have gone to Hulu or Amazon, but we really think Netflix is the perfect fit for our project,” he says.

They’ve even got the support of a slew of Netflix stars.

“This benefits everyone,” Hussam says. ” Networks choose what we watch, but now we can choose what we want. If thousands of people are demanding this show, networks don’t have to worry if it’s going to perform well.”


Facebook: PeacehouseUS
“Having Reed Hastings publicly acknowledge us on Facebook was great, but we haven’t reached our goal yet.”


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