@yourfive by Adora Mba

1. My iPhone – got to stay connected to the world, I have friends and family all over the planet! Without my phone, I would miss them too much. That, and I’m also totally obsessed with Instagram at the moment #sorrynotsorry

2. My Christian Louboutin Pigalles

They make any outfit I have on go from zero to hero. My favourite pair of heels.

3. Sunglasses

An essential item for me. Currently my Taylor Morris “Rollright”
4. J’adore Dior Eau de Parfume

My signature smell, I’ve been wearing it for a decade and I still have people ask me what perfume I have on.

5. Moleskine diary

Not so much to write my thoughts, more to remind me of things I need to do, people I plan to see, bookings, birthdays, lists, work meetings, appointments, etc etc I have always been rather forgetful and a bit of a scatterbrain so my mother bought me my first one when I was 13 telling me to write down when I had my extracurricular activities like my piano lessons so that I wouldn’t forget and miss my class. Since then every December I get a new one and I still have quite a few of my old diaries! It’s strange to look back and see what my priorities were then compared to now “DEC 3rd: Feathers ball – ask dad for extra pocket money for new dress.”

Please check out Adoras wonderful blog Here.

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