British GQ
British GQ

Here’s a few habits wildly charming people have that might help your professional and personal relationships grow even stronger.

1.) They use a person’s name in conversation. Even the most humble of people love hearing their own name and it makes individuals feel incredibly important.

2.) They focus on agreement instead of confrontation. The positive energy keeps them more likable and the points of challenge come off as lighter and more considerate.

3.) They mirror a person’s writing habits in text messages and emails. If they use many explanation points and smiley faces, they gently copy. If they’re all business, they gently copy. People like talking to people who feel familiar and on the same page as them.

4.) They always stand up straight and have great posture.

5.) They’re endlessly curious and always want to hear more details.

6.) They do more listening than talking and are never jumping the gun to give their two cents.

7.) Psychiatrists practice something called “reflective listening,” which is basically paraphrasing what someone said back to them in the form of a question. Exceptionally charming people also do this often, as it makes the person you’re conversing with feel like you truly understood what they were saying.

8.) They nod a lot in conversation. Most people don’t even realize you’re doing it, but it shows agreement, positivity, and respect.

9.) They make eye contact with one eye at a time. If you stare into both eyes during a conversation you can sometimes come off as too intense or even creepy. If you focus on one eye and than move to the other on occasion, it comes off as engaging.

10.) They don’t drag a conversation on forever and know when to exit from it at just the right time. Whether it’s on the phone or in-person, a good rule of thumb is to say your goodbyes as soon as things start to drag and finish it off with a “I’d love to hear more about this soon.”

11.) They always show up with a gift on a special occasion or a hosted evening. It’s the thought that really counts.

12.) They’re not afraid to deliver compliments and are actively looking for ways to give deserved phrase.

13.) They never deflect compliments, they accept graciously.

14.) They almost never talk about themselves or their accomplishments unless asked.

15.) They’ve mastered the art of the hand-written thank you note.

16.) They’re never afraid to be a better version of themselves.

Source: Airows

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