@yourfive by Sophie Masipa 

Passport: I pretty much use my passport as my form of ID for everything. The truth is that I am a travel junkie. If I was not doing my job I’d be travelling.

Mobile: My phone connects me to my day-to-day essentials – a chat with my family and friends, my music selection and images of important people in my life. And let’s not forget all the social media platforms.

Clutch bag (doubles as a wallet in a big bag and a clutch on its own) – contains my financial lifeline

Jewellery Pouch: I always said in times of war, the only movable asset I would be able to take with me would be small jewellery items that I can sell off. My pouch ensures I have all the items I need. And…I just love love love jewellery.

My Macbook: can probably get away with this one, but if I was going to run a flexible project that keeps me doing what I love most (travelling), the laptop becomes the last essential piece of the puzzle.
Sophie is the Director of Communications at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

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