@yourfive by Fatima Bhutto

I don’t have five things, I have very few. Because at the end, everything is connected. At a stretch, here are four.

My dog, C. Not that you can own anything you love but she reminds me of all the important things – love, compassion, friendship, and family.

Books. Asides from ebooks (which you’re stuck with) I give my books away once I read them because for me, part of the joy of reading is connected to sharing. I used to have a big library but I emptied out my shelves over the years. Ideas are no good locked up and kept to oneself.

Home. For me home is being free in the world. It’s not a place or a house or a set of bricks but that ability to travel, discover, connect. Travel brings me closer to my friends and family and I am so grateful for it. This was taken at the Umayad Mosque in Damascus on my last trip there. My little brother Mir Ali is causing havoc behind me. I carry Damascus with me everywhere, in the heart and in memories.

Work. The best part of letting go of ‘things’ is that at the end, everything you own is inside you. I could work on paper, notebooks or computers. I could write it down or just observe it. Either way, you never lose it.

Fatima Bhutto is a writer. She is the author of Songs of Blood and Sword and The Shadow of the Crescent Moon. these books are available below.

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