@yourfive by Celina Teague.

So I have decided to do a project exploring the relationship between people and their possessions. @Yourfive is a social project where I’m inviting people to share what five items they own that are most important to them. I have reached out to a wide range of people and will be posting their submissions soon. @yourfive is a dedicated page on Instagram for this project. Please follow and feel free to email me your own submissions, remember the description of why each item means something to you is absolutely crucial.

The first submission is by Celina Teague, image1

So. After some thought, I chose the following:

A blank canvas. A metaphor for endless possibilities. Especially the creative ones. And practically, as a painter, I couldn’t do without it.

A photo album – any one of the ones I make every three years or so for my man’s birthday. A collection of memories that include all the people I love.

My phone. Predictable, a so-obvious-its-boring choice but it’s my gateway to so many things – music, talking books, correspondence, news, information of all sorts. A camera, a video camera. A nugget of sheer brilliance.

I was a vagabond in my 20s and hope to be so again. Life feels more rooted at the moment, but I’m never happier than when I’m on the road. So my passport. My ticket to the big wide world and its limitless opportunities.

My wedding ring. Because I made a promise a few years ago that was the greatest decision of my life. And this humble ring symbolises that promise. As well as reminding me of the 48 hours around the time it went on my finger….dancing under a full moon and seeing in the sunrise with all my family and favourite people. The precursor to the arrival of our beautiful daughter.

With love,


Celina is an old friend, but much more importantly she is a ferociously talented artist who’s I Think Therefore I # exhibition at the kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery is extraordinary! It’s on from August 6th until September 5th, please go and see her work.

For more on this project please follow @yourfive on Instagram

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