Papillionaire Bicycles! DOPE!

Papillionaire Bicycles.

The first few moments on a bicycle always brings me back to the first time I dropped by training wheels, with memories of my dad sprinting alongside me while gripping onto my seat and cheerfully encouraging me to keep pedaling! He lets go and exhilaration ensues. And that was just the beginning of my entire youth revolved around my beloved two-wheeler. When Papillionaire Bicycles offered me to build my own vintage-inspired dutch style bike, I was beyond excited. It had been years since I owned a bicycle! I chose the Stommer, the most laid back silhouette they offer, and customized the speed, size, color and details down to the leather handlebar grips, premium leather saddle, tires and basket. What can I say, I’m absolutely in love with my cream colored beauty and have hardly gone a day without giving it a spin. My husband was inspired to pick one out for himself and we’re looking forward to bringing little Quincy along for the ride this summer.












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