Post Surgery …..

Post Surgery ∞

What haven’t I learned from my dog? I’ve learned to wake up every day happy. I’ve learned to believe that most people and dogs are well intended, but to use my instincts just in case. I’ve learned that getting up early and going for a walk connects you to the world. I’ve learned that quietly observing someone teaches you a lot. I’ve learned to enjoy each meal like it was my last. I’ve learned that I’m not going to meet my neighbors by staying inside. I’ve learned that it’s okay to fart, as long as it’s silent. I’ve learned that running through the sprinklers or playing with toys keeps you youthful. I’ve learned that love is without reservation no matter how bad you look or feel. And I’ve learned that our time with each other is precious.

No one warns you when you get a dog, who becomes your daily companion, that they will get old and get cancer and won’t be with you forever. And I’ve learned that perhaps that dog is the best friend you will ever have, so don’t forget to let them know how much they mean to you.

Photographer: #AlineSmithson #pictory

Photographer, editor, educator, Aline Smithson lives in Los Angeles and yes, still shoots film. She writes and edits the blog, Lenscratch. #wwsstories #wwsanimals

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