Lean In….

She’s the fourth addition to our household, and like the other dogs, she’s a rescue. Because of her breed she’s considered “dangerous.” The irony in that label is that she’s the peacemaker; in only a few weeks, she assumed the “alpha” role among our pack without a growl, or snarl, or a bark. Through anything, she remains calm, and is able to calm others. If needed, she’ll lean: When other dogs fight, she leans on them. When she wants the toy, she leans. When I’m tired, she leans on me. (When I’m elated, she also leans on me.)

I’ve learned from her that it’s often best to stay calm, keep quiet, and lean on people to let them know everything’s okay.

Photographer: #JamesCollier

I’m a communication consultant and food blogger living in Fresno, California. I like to take pictures and talk about what I’m eating. #wwsstories #pictory #wwsanimals

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