Dearest @instagram

Please follow this wonderful pageo on @hobbes2485 on Instagram  Dearest @instagram:

I hope this letter finds you well. I want to tell you that before we met, I used to use my phone to call people. I know; ridiculous, right? Sometimes an occasional photo of dog dressed up in a funny sweater, or with a woman who I thought was Katie Holmes but was really “Angela Kline” a waitress at Outback Steakhouse (don’t ask), or a selfie in case I finally made the eharmony plunge, but that was it. Then we met and you changed my world. Not for what I see, but for whom I’ve met and especially how I live it. Last month or so, I was ecstatic when you gave everyone a K. Today, you stole it back. Immediately resorting millions back to an obscure number under ten grand. You broke my heart. Therefore, “we” have gone to extreme measures in order to gain the k back in the old format; simply by stealing @littlecoal’s shots. Looks like three of us may be one step closer.

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