The Phoenicians of Lebanon. Amazing!

I have been digging into my archives of stories that I shot on film for the @NatGeo. I worked on a story about the origins of the ancient sailing culture of Lebanon “Who are the Phoenician”. Phoenicia’ comes from the Greek ‘Phoiníkē’, meaning ‘land of the purple cloth’. The culture, while being the first true seafaring (they learned to sail by the north star first) peoples, were also master traders at providing something in high demand.
The rare purple of Phoenician cloth comes from a small gland in a murex shell extracted by cloth artisans in the Phoenician homeland. The dye was sought after by all the cultures of the time, and as a result the Phoenicians were able to trade in high value, masterfully commanding the trade winds of the Mediterranean for nearly 800 years.

Here you can see the purple cloth made in modern day Lebanon for the woman in the picture.


Source: NATGEO

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