Davidson Bruce : photographer

Davidson Bruce : photographer

In all of Davidson’s works, instead of objectifying his subjects—as objects of pity, subjects of curiosity, or specimens for analysis—he humanizes them, portraying them with a sense of vigor and vitality, as we are given insight to their lives, struggles, and desires.In particular, Davidson often documents the human search for meaning among people who face potentially ruinous social obstacles and economic strife. This type of documentation is especially evident in East 100th Street, Brooklyn Gang, and Davidson’s Civil Rights Era photography.

He induces and portrays powerful emotion in all of his major works;emotions such as loneliness, despair, love, determination, and uncertainty, while his realism induces social concern and sympathy for complete strangers.

Davidson is skilled at documenting people or subjects in transition, whether rebellious teenagers coming of age, persecuted people fighting for equality, the urban poor amid soon-to-be demolished tenements, a gritty underworld soon to be sterilized, a traveling circus soon to be disbanded, or the passage of the seasons amid the magnificence, grandeur, and human heartache evident within Central Park.

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